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Guests and the weather

Consider including flooring in your package if you’re getting married in a tent, this can help with potential water issues if it’s raining or with your guests who just can’t go a day without wearing their heels. Chandeliers offer an elegant look to your next event.

Tents create a focal point

By adding a tent to your outdoor wedding, guests have a gathering place or focal point. This goes beyond the normal considerations, tents provide shelter from extreme heat or (hopefully not) rain!

Why you should hire a professional bartender over asking
“Uncle Joe” to do it

  • Uncle Joe really wants to enjoy your special day too and having the responsibility of serving your guests is sometimes too much
  • Professional bartenders are trained and have experience in dealing with that guest who has had just one too many, Uncle Joe isn’t going to want to cut Cousin Bobby off but the risks of not cutting him off can be great