Muskoka Party Rentals Founder, Kim Rixon, uses her vast experience to help people from around the
world plan and carry out parties of all shapes and sizes, or as we like to say it…

From tents to teaspoons.

No event is too large or too small for
us to assist you.
We have assisted functions with over 800 people, as well as equipped
a family dinner celebration for eight guests.

17 years of experience


Through our personalized party rental equipment services, we help clients execute events with above expectation results. We work closely with you to ensure your event is special, safe and convenient.

Providing guidance on Muskoka’s municipal laws and holding strong relationships with local departments, resorts and venues, we help you put together special events and functions that go off without a hitch.


We are pleased to help with many different fundraising activities for non-profit organizations. We look
forward to continued success and the opportunity to be a valuable asset to our Muskoka community.